R&D and Innovation

R&D Platform

A highly scalable system platform
with a low marginal cost

  1. Clinical Development

    Clinical Development

    - Development strategy

    - Trial design

    - Trial execution

    - Data analytics

    - Report writing

  2. New Drug Application

    New Drug Application

    - Global filing strategy

    - Efficient cooperation with regulatory authority

  3. Preclinical Discovery

    Preclinical Discovery

    - Target and biomarker identification and validation

    - Candidate selection

    - Safety pharmacology study

    - Preparation development

  4. Commercialization


    - Manufacturing and sales

    - Indication expansion

    - Next-generation product R&D

Around envafolimab, we established channels for clinical trials and opened up the whole process of product selection, clinical trials and marketing application, paving the way for future products.

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