MinJae Song

MinJae Song

Company: National Institute of Health Sciences

Job title: Staff Scientist - 3D Bioprinting Core


South Korea and Texas A&M University, focusing on soft tissue mechanics. Dr. Song moved to Case Western Reserve University for his Ph.D (Melissa Knothe Tate’s lab) majored in Biomedical Engineering. During his study, he used a multi-physics computational prediction and experimental tools to achieve the precise delivery of mechanical cues to stem cells seeded within a tissue engineering scaffold to direct the stem cell fate into osteolineage. After graduation, his interest in mechanobiology led him to the respiratory research as a postdoctoral fellow at Bioengineering department of the University of Pennsylvania (Susan Margulies’s lab). He studied how mechanical stretch affected the barrier functions and permeability of alveolar epithelium and stretch-induced signaling pathways, studying ventilator induced lung injury. He further developed an imaging based quantitative method to assess permeability of the epithelium in an in vitro system. In 2014, he joined an NEI team to engineer a vascular tissue model to study age related macular degeneration under collaboration with NCATS. His previous experiences of tissue engineering and cell mechanobiology significantly contributed to the projects during his postdoctoral fellow and research fellow at NEI (Kapil Bharti’s lab). In 2018, he became a staff scientist and bioprinting core lead at NEI, and he has expanded his model to skin, brain, and omentum at the bioprinting group of NCATS. He is currently a senior scientist at NCATS tissue printing team (Director: Marc Ferrer), and leading multiple projects for the models towards the respective disease models for preclinical studies.

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