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Driving the Industry Applications of Tissue-on-Chip Systems


  • Sharing industry progress behind producing robust, reliable and replicable
    results in microfluidic system
    Standardizing tissue composition, and physiologic and pharmacologic responses to well-known agents to assess physiological relevancy
  • Evaluating the steps to increase wide-spread adoption and commercialization of organ-on-chip systems
  • Balancing high-throughput requirements with physiological  relevancy
  • Importance of 3D tissue models in increasing translatability and predictiveness of efficacy and toxicity studies of potential drug candidates
  • Actionable insights & lessons learnt from industry representatives.

Facilitated by:

jingping gan jpg

Jinping Gan
Senior Principal Scientist
Bristol-Myers Squibb

norman peterson jpg

Norman Peterson
Independent Consultant
Biopharmaceutical Development and Life Sciences

graham marsh biogen jpg

Graham Marsh

Multi-Organ-on-Chip Systems: Benefits, Challenges, Opportunities


  • Current limitations of 3D tissue models and navigating the challenges around developing multi-tissue and multi-organ systems
  • Interconnecting circulating mediums in multi-tissue devices
  • Assessing physiological relevance in multi-organ systems
  • Observing complex responses, such as how the response of one tissue type impacts another
  • Incorporating immune system response into 3D tissue models
  • When to use multi-organ-on-chip systems over less complex 3D tissue models in the continuum of testing
  • Development, validation and commercialisation of multi-organon-chip systems

Facilitated by:

andreas stahl

Andreas Stahl
Professor, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
UC Berkeley

Ashutosh Agarwal

Ashutosh Agarwal
Assistant Professor
University of Miami

Stefan Przyborski Professor of Cell Technology Durham University

Stefan Przyborski
Professor of Cell Technology
Durham University UK

james hickman

James J. Hickman
Professor, NanoScience Technology Center
University Central Florida