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Expertise Partner

Draper is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, which means its primary commitment is to the success of clients’ missions rather than to shareholders. For either government or private sector customers, Draper leverages its deep experience and innovative thinking to be an effective engineering research and development partner, designing solutions or objectively evaluating the ideas or products of others. Draper will partner with other organizations — from large for-profit prime contractors, to government agencies, to university researchers — in a variety of capacities. Services Draper provides range from concept development through delivered solution and lifecycle support. Draper’s multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists can deliver useful solutions to even the most critical problems.


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Expertise Partner

Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of new medicines with physiologically-relevant, structured human cells in high density plates. We develop and manufacture human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac and neuronal platforms for high throughput drug toxicity and efficacy screening. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, our human models enable scientists to economically conduct research in a simplified workflow. StemoniX microHeart® products provide researchers with structurally aligned cardiac cells resembling native human heart tissue with accelerated features of cell maturity, essential in predicting drug toxicity and efficacy. We also collaborate with drug discovery organizations to operationalize their human cells for drug screening.


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TARA Biosystems

Spotlight Partner

TARA Biosystems, Inc. provides predictive, in vitro human cardiac tissue models for use in drug discovery and safety assessment. TARA Biosystems offers a high fidelity solution that is based on human stem cell-derived cardiac tissue matured to physiologically relevant adult-like levels and provides direct measures of cardiac functionality, including contractile force. The TARA solution will provide safety data earlier in the development cycle and a high fidelity discovery model.


Curi Bio

Spotlight Partner

Curi Bio provides a seamless, bioengineered integration of human stem cells, systems, and data to accelerate the discovery of new medicines. Curi’s suite of human stem cell-based products and services enable scientists to build mature and predictive human iPSC-derived tissues—with a focus on cardiac, skeletal muscle, and neuromuscular models—for the discovery, safety testing, and efficacy testing of new therapeutics. Curi seeks to de-risk and expedite the development of new drugs by decreasing the industry’s dependence on animal models, which often fail to translate to humans. By providing researchers human-relevant preclinical data at the earliest stages of the development pipeline, Curi aims to dramatically accelerate the discovery and development of safer, more effective medicines.

To learn more, please visit www.curibio.com


Obatala Sciences, Inc

Spotlight Partner

Obatala Sciences, Inc is a biotechnology company that offers brain power and research tools to advance the fields of obesity, diabetes, related metabolic disorders and cancers, and regenerative medicine. Our mission is to drive diversity in research and impact the future of regenerative medicine. To advance this mission, we manufacture adult stem/stromal cells, unique 3D cell culture tools, and we are progressing an FDA-approved protocol for testing a stem cell based therapy for wound healing applications in humans.


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Aracari Biosciences

Spotlight Partner

Aracari’s vascularized microphysiological systems are leading the way in pre-clinical drug testing. Our team of specialists are driven to help accelerate drug discovery. Let our dedicated professionals help your company enhance decision-making and accelerate the development of your drug. Utilizing our patented vascularized micro-tissues, and experience and knowledge of the drug discovery pipeline, Aracari can help your team better understand the biology (mechanism), efficacy, toxicity, and cost of candidate drugs, and thus inform clinical trial design.


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Spotlight Partner

Xylyx Bio is harnessing the power of tissue-specific extracellular matrix for both cell culture and tissue regeneration applications. By bringing the native invivo environment to the in vitro setting, Xylyx Bio’s tissuespecific ECM substrates support cell culture models that are significantly more predictive of human physiology, thus facilitating acceleration of drug discovery and development. We are committed to providing scientists with biomimetic solutions that transform the way biomedical research is conducted. From the very beginning, cells can be cultured in vitro but still studied in their natural environment – leading to better science and faster translation of results.


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Real Research

Exhibition Partner

Real Research is a biotech company devoted to making 3D cell culture models standard in industry and academia. We have already launched our first product LifeGel - a ready to use, growth factor free, reproducible and customisable hydrogel for 3D cell cultures. We are launching our second product LifeCube, that facilitates fully automated long-term pharmacokinetically relevant drug therapy research in 3D cell culture models. Let's make the shift from 2D to 3D cell culture models together!