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Draper is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, which means its primary commitment is to the success of clients’ missions rather than to shareholders. For either government or private sector customers, Draper leverages its deep experience and innovative thinking to be an effective engineering research and development partner, designing solutions or objectively evaluating the ideas or products of others. Draper will partner with other organizations — from large for-profit prime contractors, to government agencies, to university researchers — in a variety of capacities. Services Draper provides range from concept development through delivered solution and lifecycle support. Draper’s multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists can deliver useful solutions to even the most critical problems.


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Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of new medicines with physiologically-relevant, structured human cells in high density plates. We develop and manufacture human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac and neuronal platforms for high throughput drug toxicity and efficacy screening. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, our human models enable scientists to economically conduct research in a simplified workflow. StemoniX microHeart® products provide researchers with structurally aligned cardiac cells resembling native human heart tissue with accelerated features of cell maturity, essential in predicting drug toxicity and efficacy. We also collaborate with drug discovery organizations to operationalize their human cells for drug screening.


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TARA Biosystems

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TARA Biosystems, Inc. provides predictive, in vitro human cardiac tissue models for use in drug discovery and safety assessment. TARA Biosystems offers a high fidelity solution that is based on human stem cell-derived cardiac tissue matured to physiologically relevant adult-like levels and provides direct measures of cardiac functionality, including contractile force. The TARA solution will provide safety data earlier in the development cycle and a high fidelity discovery model.


NanoSurface Biomedical

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NanoSurface Biomedical is accelerating drug development with humanrelevant stem cell-based assays. At NanoSurface, we believe that cells in the dish should resemble cells in the body. We use bioengineering techniques to enhance nearly all endpoint assays in an instrument- and cell-agnostic manner. Our biomimetic nanopatterning technology imitates the geometry of the native extracellular matrix and drives the organization, migration, proliferation, and phenotypic development and maturity of many cell types. The NanoSurface Car(ina) platform uses extracellular matrix cues to drive the maturity of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, making these cell models more representative of human biology. The NanoSurface Cytostretcher family of cell stretching instruments enables researchers to apply programmable stretch routines to flexible nanopatterned culture substrates, either in the incubator or on an optical microscope stage, to explore the effects of mechanical stimulation on the maturation of cell and tissue cultures.

The NanoSurface eCyte 6 is an electrical stimulation system for long-term electrical stimulation and pacing of excitable cells in vitro. Our suite of technologies is driven by our goal to greatly improve the predictive power of cell based assays.



Obatala Sciences, Inc

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Obatala Sciences, Inc is a biotechnology company that offers brain power and research tools to advance the fields of obesity, diabetes, related metabolic disorders and cancers, and regenerative medicine. Our mission is to drive diversity in research and impact the future of regenerative medicine. To advance this mission, we manufacture adult stem/stromal cells, unique 3D cell culture tools, and we are progressing an FDA-approved protocol for testing a stem cell based therapy for wound healing applications in humans.


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Toyo Gosei Co

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Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd offers a novel type of micro-patterned multi-well 3D culture plate Cell-able®. The unique culture surface makes it possible to form multiple spheroids with uniform sizes attached to the culture surface just by seeding your cells.  (In case of 96-well plate, approximately 800 spheroids are formed at once in each well.) The cell-able plate can help to achieve high-throughput and high-accuracy assay with 3D culture because of the adhesiveness of multiple spheroids to the surface, and therefore the plate is suitable for automation assay as well. We are sure that the Cell-able® plate can accelerate your drug development process and minimize your research cost. Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd is a world-leading company in a field of photosensitive materials, and the Cell-able® plate was developed by taking advantage of its strength. Technical information and application data are available on the following website: