Accelerate Benchtop to Bedside Through Complex Preclinical 3D Models Adoption:

From Mechanistic Disease Modeling to Boosting Clinical Relevancy & Translational Outcomes

Adoption & Commercialization of 3D Models in Drug Development

The 5th edition PREDiCT: 3D Oncology & Tissue Models Summit brought together preclinical scientists to discuss adoption and commercialization of 3D models as an integral part of drug development study.

This completely online meeting featured over 30+ senior Preclinical Scientists from oncology to cardiovascular to musculoskeletal and CNS backgrounds, to share their latest data and lessons learned from clinically translatable 3D models to disease modeling of mechanisms, to attempting complex multi-cellular/organ systems to boost our understanding of functionality and physiological relevancy.

Embark on the 3D trailblazing community to boost your confidence in 3D models and accelerate bench to bedside drug development to provide a truly safe, and effective treatment for patients!

“The depth of the discussion, and opportunities to hear perspectives from those leading the industry on developing 3D tissue models made this an exceptionally valuable meeting” Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Lead, Center for the Advancement of Science in Space

“I thought the conference was very focused. It was time well spent. I learned a lot and had productive networking sessions.” Biochemical & Cellular Pharmacology, Genentech

Why This is an Unmissable Event:

Whether you are an evaluator or early adopter of 3D models, working in oncology or general disease areas, the 5th annual meeting’s case studies and expert speakers allowed attendees to:

  • Accelerate the commercialization of 3D models and incorporate this as your integral drug development process
  • Discover unpublished scientific data and lessons learned from both drug developers and academia – boosting your confidence in 3D models and informing your future R&D decisions
  • Improve your models’ translatability & predictiveness to fast track into the clinic with confidence
  • Develop, validate and implement tissue-on-chip and novel multi-organ-on-chip systems through hands-on workshops
  • Benchmark and network with committed 3D model pioneers – sparking long-term scientific collaborations

Our World Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Terry Van Vleet

Head of Investigative Toxicology, Pathology, Molecular & Computational Toxicology


Szczepan Baran

Head of Emerging Technologies


Joseph Charest

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Technologies for Pharmaceutical R&D


Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Senior Advisor for Toxicology Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

MinJae Song

Staff Scientist - 3D Bioprinting Core

National Institute of Health Sciences

Niresh Hariparsad

Director - Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics Project Leader

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Jason Ekert

Senior Director & Head of Complex In Vitro Models


Linda Lieberman

Principal Scientist

Merck & Co